About Us

photograph of desk in a hacker space used to make 3d printed parts

Welcome to HackerSpace.ie, The Irish hacker space community. We aim to bring tips, tricks, reviews and news to hackers and hobbyists all over Ireland and the rest of the world!

Driven by curiosity

At Hacker Space, we are driven by curiosity. That sense of euphoria that comes when a project finally comes together. The determination that comes with your 50th failed attempt. We hope to inspire people to pick up a soldering iron, a screw driver, a brush, whatever tool it is you use and join us in creating.

Supporting Irish Hacker Spaces

Our aim is too build a community where those with a local hacker space can find new ideas, share their projects, and more. We also wish to spread awareness of these communities to those who may not have heard of them or think there are none in their area.

Building on this we want to share what we can with these communities and offer help where we can, and in the case of new spaces opening we want to help guide and mentor them through the tough first years.

The Team

Hacker Space, at the moment is a one man operation chiefly, however we do have members who volunteer time and energy into helping to prune and fact check articles before they come up. You are welcome to submit posts to us and we may publish them, otherwise the forums is a great place to get talking.

Contact Us

If you need to get in touch about anything, be it business or even just to say hi, feel free! Our inbox is always open.

Carlingford, Louth