Schematics – Reading and Writing in Electronics.

Stock image of board found on pexels

Schematics – How to Read and Write in Wires and Electrons Music has staves and notes. English and many other languages use a selection of characters and accents to convey a word or a meaning or an idea. But how can we convey a circuit? What system can we use to say, if you connect […]

DMX 512 – A Celebration

Photo by Gustavo Juliette from Pexels - Two People Talking at the side of a stage.

DMX 512 – A Celebration Today is the big day ladies and gentlemen. The 5th of December or DMX day named after the amazing protocol that united [CITATION BLOODY NEEDED] the lighting industry on one standard. [THIS HAS TO BE MADE UP]. The Dark Ages For as long as we’ve had stages we’ve needed lighting. […]

Ludum Dare – Autopsy of a Game Jam

Screenshot of Hunt and Gather an entry for Ludum Dare 45

Clean Code and Other Mysteries Ludum dare. No, it’s not a Latin incantation. Well, it could be, but to the best of my knowledge, it isn’t anything too evil. It translates to ‘to give a game’. To sum it up; an entrant, for the case of this blog, me; has 48 hours to build a […]

Computational Logic – Building it from the Ground Up – Part 2

Computational Logic – Building it from the Ground Up – Part 2 Welcome back to the computational logic series. If you haven’t read Computational Logic Part 1 then go have a look. It’s will give you a solid base on the topics covered here and is a great introduction into building logic gates. The Transistor Transistors were […]

Computational Logic – A Beginners Guide to Logic Gates – Part 1

Stock Photo of a non descript circuit board close up

Computational Logic – A Beginners Guide to Logic Gates – Part 1 Every article needs to start somewhere. This would be the logical place to do it. Logic in electronics and computer science is all about answering questions posed by 1’s and 0’s. So before we get stuck in lets have a quick refresher on […]

Spotlight – Understanding LEDs

25 Pack LED Bags Assorted Colours Rainbow

Birth of a legend. The LED is one of those inventions that happened slowly then all at once. The idea of electroluminescence was discovered in 1907. H. J. Round, a British scientist, working at Marconi Labs was one of the pioneers of the technology. While working with cat’s whisker detectors he used a variety of […]

Arduino Boards – Tackling the Mystery

Arduino Uno R3

Introduction to Arduino In the last number of years, electronics hobbyists all over the world have had one thing on their tongues; Arduino. Thousands of projects on Instructables have featured these boards. But “Arduino-controlled” can be a daunting term for electronics newbies and analogue heads alike. So let’s get stuck into a little about these boards […]