Arduino Uno R3

Arduino Boards – Tackling the Mystery

Introduction to Arduino

In the last number of years, electronics hobbyists all over the world have had one thing on their tongues; Arduino. Thousands of projects on Instructables have featured these boards. But “Arduino-controlled” can be a daunting term for electronics newbies and analogue heads alike. So let’s get stuck into a little about these boards and demystify them.

Arduino isn’t the first microcontroller on the market. Far from it in fact. But in 2003 students at Italy’s Interaction Design Institute Ivrea were spending just shy of $50 US on BASIC Stamp 2 boards. As any student knows, every penny counts. That, and few bar staff take payment in IOU’s. So a combination of factors inspired a small team to build a new, open source board that would eventually become the Arduinos we know today. (more…)