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Schematics – Reading and Writing in Electronics.

Schematics – How to Read and Write in Wires and Electrons Music has staves and notes. English and many other languages use a selection of characters and accents to convey a word or a meaning or an idea. But how can we convey a circuit? What system can we use to say, if you connect...

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DMX 512 – A Celebration

DMX 512 – A Celebration Today is the big day ladies and gentlemen. The 5th of December or DMX day named after the amazing protocol that united [CITATION BLOODY NEEDED] the lighting industry on one standard. [THIS HAS TO BE MADE UP]. The Dark Ages For as long as we’ve had stages we’ve needed lighting....

Screenshot of Hunt and Gather an entry for Ludum Dare 45

Ludum Dare – Autopsy of a Game Jam

Clean Code and Other Mysteries Ludum dare. No, it’s not a Latin incantation. Well, it could be, but to the best of my knowledge, it isn’t anything too evil. It translates to ‘to give a game’. To sum it up; an entrant, for the case of this blog, me; has 48 hours to build a...

Computational Logic – Building it from the Ground Up – Part 2

Computational Logic – Building it from the Ground Up – Part 2

Computational Logic – Building it from the Ground Up – Part 2 Welcome back to the computational logic series. If you haven’t read Computational Logic Part 1 then go have a look. It’s will give you a solid base on the topics covered here and is a great introduction into building logic gates. The Transistor Transistors were...

25 Pack LED Bags Assorted Colours Rainbow

Spotlight – Understanding LEDs

Birth of a legend. The LED is one of those inventions that happened slowly then all at once. The idea of electroluminescence was discovered in 1907. H. J. Round, a British scientist, working at Marconi Labs was one of the pioneers of the technology. While working with cat’s whisker detectors he used a variety of...

Arduino Uno R3

Arduino Boards – Tackling the Mystery

Introduction to Arduino In the last number of years, electronics hobbyists all over the world have had one thing on their tongues; Arduino. Thousands of projects on Instructables have featured these boards. But “Arduino-controlled” can be a daunting term for electronics newbies and analogue heads alike. So let’s get stuck into a little about these boards...