400 Hole Breadboard tilted

400 Hole Breadboard

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Compact, Not Lacking

This 400 hole breadboard may be compact at around half the size of a traditional breadboard. This doesn’t mean it’s not up to the challenge. A board this size is perfect for hot fixing installations and prototyping most if not all projects. There is enough space to comfortably use four 14 pin ICs. This coupled with the dual bus bars just like on the bigger 830 hole, full-sized, breadboards give you all the flexibility you need.

As well as being a great board for many microcontroller projects, this little guy can snap connect into others to create custom breadboarding solutions. This, coupled with the impressive, 30 volt, 3 amp rating means you don’t need to worry about burning it out like many cheaper clones.

Dimensions and Specifications

400 Hole Breadboard

  • Holes – … 400?
  • Max Voltage – 30 Volts
  • Max Current – 3 Amp
  • Busses – 2 x 2
  • Dimensions – 82 x 55 x 8 mm
  • Weight – 39g

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