Ceramic Capacitor Set

Ceramic Capacitor Set 224 Piece 10pF to 220nF

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Charge Your Mind

A good ceramic capacitor and a good selection of them is necessary for any electronics enthusiast who needs to make accurate time circuits or good filtering circuits.

This kit comes with a wide selection of values, from 10pf up to 220nf. (That’s 0.00001μF up to 0.22μF). a wide scope for many projects. These ceramic capacitors are also not strictly for the lowest of low voltage operations. Capable of handling up to 50V DC admittedly we’ve yet to find a place where we need that sort of oomf.

With a wider array of the lower values tapering off this kit is one of those balanced examples of “at the rate, they’re used” assortments.

Details and Specifications

  • Quantity – 224
  • Values – Check Table Opposite
  • Max Operating Voltage – 50V DC
Values and Quantities
CodeValueValue (μF Equivalent)Quantity
10010 pF0.00001 μF21
22022 pF0.000022 μF14
47047 pF0.000047 μF14
101100 pF0.0001 μF21
221220 pF0.00022 μF14
471470 pF0.00047 μF14
1021 nF0.001 μF21
2222.2nF0.0022 μF14
4724.7 nF0.0047 μF14
10310 nF0.01 μF21
22322 nF0.022 μF14
47347 nF0.047 μF14
104100 nF0.1 μF21
224220 nF0.22 μF

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