DC Power Jack - 5.5mm x 2.1mm




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Power to the people!

Or power to the circuit board anyway.

This DC Jack is the most common type of barrel jack connector. You’ve already got a drawer full of wall warts and now it’s time to put them to use in your projects. Rated at up to 30v and able to handle 500 milliamps, no longer will you be slaves to the USB 5V standard. Most standard CAD softwares today already have this part in their libraries. This means the boards you’ve just ordered already have the holes cut to the perfect size with little more to do on your end.

Don’t fear the wall wart.

Much as we condemn them to a dark mouldy box in the back of the wardrobe, wall warts can be a force for good. Regardless of what you’re making, if it doesn’t move, and you don’t fancy adding a transformer, Reuse the supply you’ve had sitting there for years.

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