NE555P - 555 Timer IC


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Keeping a finger on the pulse.

The NE555P or simply, the 555 Timer IC has been a mainstay of electronics tool kits and parts boxes since the 70’s. Being simple yet flexible has been the secret to its continuous love within the community.

Whether being used as an oscillator or a flip flop this chip is used in projects world wide every day as evidenced by its production of over 1,000,000,000 units per year.

Versatility is the name of the IC

This IC can be used in the following modes;

  • Astable – Generating an oscillation and making simple square wave generators.
  • Monostable – Sending a ‘fixed’ length signal every time an input is detected.
  • Bistable – Also known as an SR Latch. This chip can have its state swapped from on to off based on an input trigger.
  • Schmitt Trigger – Used to clean up noisy signals and give that perfect clean output that our micro-controllers love so much.

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Maximum Voltage

18 Volts


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