Rockwell 6502 - 8 Bit Microprocessor


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Retro is in

With the recent resurgence in old school computing we are happy to now have the processor that made so many machines tick. The 6502. Although this isn’t the original MOS, this is the Rockwell version. Made in 2013 these recovered and refurbished chips are perfect for bringing a machine like an Apple IIe or Commodore PET back to life!


This chip was a huge player in the history of home computing. With its relatively low cost and high power it quickly found its way into many machines and has spurred a legacy that to this day can be found in machines like the raspberry pi.

An all time favourite with at home hobbyists as well. The simple architecture and command set make this chip perfect for breadboard computers and simple 8 bit machines. So put down the USB cable and program your bot old school.



      – a great resource for the history of the 6502


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