Silicone Soldering Mat - 450 x 300 mm


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Have you got a screw loose?

It’s ok, it happens to the best of us. Or at least it used to before we got ourselves a silicone soldering mat. Capable of handling temperatures of up to 500˚C, this mat will keep everything safe and to hand for you during your projects. It has multiple tool holders, both flat and, ok there is no technical term, holes. Perfect for precision screwdrivers, in the holes, and tweezers or pliers as you need.

The thing that makes this silicone soldering mat so easy to work on is the fact that it allows us a chance to separate every part as it needs. I’m not counting out the holes but there’s well over the 100 mark for individual spots. Some are magnetic, others are tiny, some are for bigger components, and you’ll soon find yourself getting into a workflow and it will be second nature where you put what.

  • Heat Resistant up to 500˚C
  • Flexible, but un-warping.
  • 3 Mini Storage Boxes
  • 3 Mini Magnetic Storage Spots
  • Countless little spots for holding screws, washers, nuts, whatever you need.
  • Non-slip
  • Glue Resistant
  • Tool Holders
  • Anti-Static
  • 450mm x 300mm
  • 678g

Additional information

Weight0.678 kg
Dimensions45 × 30 × 1 cm


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