Wire Crimper Set


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Forging New Connections

We now stock a wire crimper thats a little special and has quickly found its way onto my day to day work bench. Not only does it crimp terminals for making quick solid mechanical connections in your projects without the need for solder, but it cuts and strips the wires before hand to prepare them too.

Sometimes simple mechanical tools work best. This is no exception rather this is a shining example. Effortlessly able cut through modest cable or, with a little effort, it can handle pretty solid chunks of wire. The pre-sized stripping gauges are perfect for working on projects with lots of different wire. Saving you from adjusting a more traditional stripper. You don’t even need to worry about not having crimps as this wire crimper set comes with 100 assorted styles and sizes to get you started right away.

Can you cut it?

These wire crimpers, as mentioned above, are made to do more than just basic crimping. The colour coded tips make sure you apply the right pressure to the right crimp every time. All of this an a selection of crimps supplied are great to get you started.

What’s in the package?

  • 1 x Wire Crimper
Ring Connectors8Ring Connector18Ring Connector20
Fork Connector20Fork Connector18
Butt Connector8Butt Connector8

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