XLR Connector - 3 PIN - Male


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XLR – The X is for Extreme.

So you’re in need of a high-quality XLR connector for making custom cables? We have you. and we definitely didn’t just copy and paste this text from this product. That would be lazy and unprofessional.

This connector has a solid metal build and is designed to last years on the road. Being actually used in all sorts of DMX and Audio related tasks.

One of the more, interesting uses, we’ve seen of XLR connectors is actually providing power to rack-mount equipment, however, we can’t actually advise you do this. In fact, we probably should discourage it. Ok, that’s the official stance.

The DMX vs Audio Debate

We know, DMX should be sent over 5 pin XLR connectors. But most entry-level fixtures not only include a 3 pin variant but many even omit the 5 pin socket altogether. We promise not to tell if you don’t.

So if you’re looking to run signals over massive lengths, or want to make reasonable size patching cables from fixture to fixture, You’re going to need XLR connectors. Both the male, like this one and the female version.


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